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Fifi’s Spinach Quiche

My mum makes this spinach quiche when I go home to Canberra. She also makes me her roast chicken and lentils with special Egyptian rice. This meal represents “home” food to me. This particular quiche was made for a get together of work friends where everyone bought something.Post on that lunch to follow. I added the tomatoes that I bought at the Hawkesbury Harvest Markets that are truly the best cherry tomatoes I’ve ever eaten!

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No eggs….take two

So having made muffins with an entirely inappropriate recipe I thought I’d better try again. I checked out my copy of Mix and Bake, but nothing really caught my attention. So I headed over to Taste and looked up “banana, chocolate” and this is what I found:

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No Eggs…

My boyfriend has difficulty with food. What do I mean by this? He doesn’t eat meat, except for beef. He eats store bought cakes, pastries etc but doesn’t eat eggs. Consequently he never eats anything I bake. As most people know, eggs are an essential part of baking. They bind and they create air bubbles which in turn leads to fluffiness…

So my ongoing dilemma has been, how do I bake goodies without eggs?

First thing I did was google “no egg muffins” as I wanted to make blueberry muffins with all the lovely “cheap” blueberries around, and didn’t find much. But then I remembered a fantastic website a vegetarian friend put me on to a few years ago: The Post Punk Kitchen, a TV\ show in the U.S.. I headed over and found exactly what I was looking for, easy, straightforward advice on no egg baking.The crew at the Post Punk Kitchen give advice on all the no egg options including tofu and flax seeds. I decide that if I can’t find a boxed egg substitute at my local health food shop and/or Woolies, I’d try the banana and/or the tofu option. Lucky for me the health food shop had it.

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Over at Grab Your Fork, Helen/Augustus Gloop has published the best, easy cupcake recipe ever. I love it. I’ve made it three times in the last two weeks. The variation below is the basic chocolate recipe livened up with some frozen raspberries. I added the raspberries to the batter just before I popped them in the tin and they didn’t seize (I’ve had batter seize previously when frozen stuff was added)…The decorations comprised of mini m & m’s, the coloured icing stuff and cachous….

Banana Bread Classics

A little while ago I entered a Banana Bread Bake off, at Not Quite Nigella…I came 4th with 20 votes. If you’re looking for banana bread recipes, utilising all sorts of ingredients from scraping the bottom of the pantry to the most exotic you must bookmark this page.