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Ikea, Rhodes

ikea_pansIkea: It’s not the place I think of when thinking food. I do however,  think of drawer organisers, the klippan sofa that everyone I know had at university, and kitchenware bought when I first moved out of home.  Living in the inner city and not having a car, I don’t get out to Ikea often, and when I do it’s usually a quick visit because I’m relying on a lift!

I was very surprised to receive an invitation to attend a foodblogger meet up at Ikea to try out their food and check out their products. Now this was no hardship and the perfect opportunity to figure out the public transport situation and see if it was do-able (just in case of future visits to score goodies & homewares).

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All day eating

I like birthdays a lot. Mine in particular. So I decided to eat my way through the day.

I started with lunch at the Hawkesbury Harvest Markets, with a chorizo roll from Eumundi Smokehouse, I also stopped by to see ChocolateSuze and grab some biscotti! Yum! As a little gift she also gave me a little gingerbread man, who remains uneaten!

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