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Est Restaurant

estsignMarch into Merivale, the recession busting promotion that has been running offering $33 meals, is almost over and I only managed one visit! But I made sure it was to the best: Est Restaurant…awarded three hats by the SMH Good Food Awards, and with Peter Doyle at the helm it is consistently reviewed as one of the best restaurants in Sydney.
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Subsolo Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar

subsolo_ext*squeals with delight* At last I can bring you evidence of one of my fave meals I’ve had recently. I brought my boyfriend here recently for his birthday and to make it a little special left all photographic equipment at home. Halfway through the meal sensing my excitement at how good everything was, and how frustrated I was in not being able to record it, he offered me his iphone to take pics with. I refused, only because the camera is so crap! But luckily for me, I had opportunity to go back and try some of the dishes I missed out on on my previous visit, and take photos!

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Fish at the Rocks

Business lunches are a perk of some jobs, but in mine, they are few and far between. So I was thrilled when my mate/mentor JamesB took me to Fish at the Rocks for lunch to discuss some work stuff


Located at the far end of Kent St, this out of the way spot is a gem. Not too flashy, but with some great food and decor to please.

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Eveleigh Markets

Sydney’s newest markets are the best…

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Tiger,Tiger Coffee Bar

I’d heard rumblings from the Twitterverse of the cafe/bar Tiger, Tiger during Edge of the Web held in Perth. So it was our first stop on arrival in the CBD. By day 4 of our trip, as I have previously mentioned, we were desperate for decent coffee. Lucky for us, Tiger, Tiger was a mere hop, skip and a jump away. In addition it also supplied free wireless! So on our first visit (a scorcher of a 42° degree day) we headed into it’s cool surrounds to get some coffee, find out what was going on over East via the interwebz and try some of their goodies. I must make honourable mention of the wonderful waitress who wrapped a bunch of ice in a tea towel to place around our hot necks…


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Gastronomia Pelagio

Ah, breakfast in Darlo…one of my favourite things to do! The choice available never ceases to satisfy!

Since Pelagio changed hands about a year ago, things have changed. Formerly a deli/greengrocer with a huge range of products available with some eat in options, the space has been cleared and refined…


We meet here for breakfast bright and early (9am) to avoid a wait for tables…

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etroextBreakfast in Perth again. This time another little spot on King Street; Etro. In my travels on the web, I had read comments highly praising Etro over No. 44 King Street, so we had to try both!

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